Why SfTech?

No big Adjectives!! We keep it simple, Here's our logic

We customise our services based on the client expectations, Yes! you heard it right. We customise adapt and modernise in our methods, Old methods would not always work in this widely changing digital world.

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Here at SF Tech we believe, a company is as good as its employees. SF is filled with tons of experience which makes us more experienced in terms of work rather than history

About Us

We are a specialised staffing firm committed to our clients one hundred percent

We are a dedicated staffing firm driven by its own principles modernising the traditional staffing techniques. It is quite simple to deliver a candidate, but our commitment is to get the project done. Having said that if any candidate of us leave the project unfinished, we are enough motivated to commit our team at your service uncharged until the project is done, be it any mode of placement(contract, full time, CTH).

Our customised services help us with the a unique stand point addressing the requirement with less time & more effectiveness. Sometimes we have to wrap the projects in lesser budgets as well, don't worry we got it covered. We also provide cost effective solutions that will keep your pockets wealthy at all times. This involves recruiting the team offshore to balance the funds.

Certain skills are very hard to find in the market. We anticipate our client need prior to our experience with them and build a positive pipeline addressing their upcoming requirements. This method of ours make sure client has the resource in less time which results in a completion of a project in time.

Have a large recruiting needs and very less time to fill them, u are at a right place, call us today.